Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kunming Food Part 2 - Fiery, Oily and Exotic

Another dinner but the same type of food. Just that these were ordered by locals. The food were fiery hot, very oily (reflecting the host as generous and hospitable) and exotic. Diverse kinds of hot peppers and chilies were present in the food. The oil were omnipresent. It sunk to the bottom when it is heavier and float to the top when it is lighter. No wonder a friend who have stayed there for 15 years had a triple by-pass recently.

Business was brisk and by the time the food came it was twilight or the sun sets quickly over here.Eating utensils were sterilised and cling wrapped for hygiene. In this way there is no incidences of water slopping around at the bottom of the bowl. An improvement of sorts.
Feast your sight on these.

Bamboo Worms and Crickets!
Deep-fried small fishes.
Pepperised steam fish. My goodness, I have to get through the gauntlet of all manner of peppers and chilies.
Lovely chewy mozzarella type texture local tofu.
Three layer Pork caramelised with local sauces.
Look at the large round peppers! Intimidating and fearsome. I forgot about the food at hand.
Toothpick chicken. Marinated with loads of spices! Really good.
Tender beef with local vegetables.

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