Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Korean Fast Franchise Food - 3 Layer Pork

This particular chain of restaurants uses an "old mama" icon as its mascot. Who can dispute mom's cooking? The food is really good even without the MSG and its served with great speed. So sounds like mom right in at least these two aspects! I was told this chain as 400+ outlets.

The Banchan and Sauces - Simple yet authentic, well its Seoul!
  Daikon chilified!
 KimChi - Goodness its really spicy.
Tofu in its spiciest best!
Short grain rice which is difficult to get in Malaysia.
 Raw Green Chili and Garlic to accompany the already spicy Banchan.
 This is a real surprise - Cincaluk sauce. Check out the tiny shrimps in fermented sauce.
 The regular fermented soy beans and chili sauce.
 It should be the season - the last leg of autumn, the cold is setting in therefore spicyfood is the order of the day? Tofu soup dish! Individual set.
The 3-Layer-Pork Set.


Rebecca Saw said...

OH?? u were in Seoul?

worldwindows said...

Visited last month. October may be they best month! Beautiful weather.