Thursday, November 4, 2010

Marco's Pizza has some good stuff going!

The gaudy and oversize signboard led me into a equally garish interior. I would not have gone in on my own if not at the insistence of someone who said it has got some good food. It was a lazy afternoon and they have some young people inside and having a good time at that. To be fair they have some good fares and a good menu. The staff were helpful. But the price was on the high side.

Will I go back again? Yes, especially for the Squid Ink Pasta with some oversized Shrimps. The pasta was al dente and texture felt good and smooth. The pasta held its own and had enough body to satisfy any pasta lover. The blended tomato puree was coarse and the garlic bits can be felt throughout. It was sauced with Napolitana, light cream and Parmesan cheese. I liked the texture of the sauce. Full bodied with a raw edge. And best of all it was topped with 5 big prawns.
Squid Ink Pasta with Shrimps

The Ravioli in cream sauce with mushrooms and chicken fillings was forgettable. I tried it and immediately gave it my thumbs down. Limp like the languid afternoon. The dough used was not right. The skin was sticky and losing its form and also shedding part of its dough into the sauce. And the fillings - nothing to shout about.
The Ravioli in cream sauce with mushrooms and chicken fillings.

Tiramisu - it was an enjoyable treat.
Creme Brulee - Has the look and torched to my liking. The texture was a bit too rough for me. I still prefer my Chinese Egg Tarts for now.

Marco's Pizza (Opp. Kelana Jaya LRT Station)
81-85, Jalan SS 25/2 


thenomadGourmand said...

yes yes..agree tht it's quite good!
I tried the one at BV 1 too.. good pizzas

worldwindows said...

Good to hear that! Missed ordering the pizzas.