Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Isaan Thai Food - Bangkok

Thai Steam Boat - Clay Pot and Clay Stove
The Isaan people are hardy, being conditioned by their less than fertile land in the east. The poor land make them even more spirited! Westerners love their the Isaan ladies. Strong-willed and with a tanned complexion. Their man can be found in Muay fighting rings.

Isaan migrant workers have gone far and wide looking for jobs. In Bangkok they live in ghetto-like enclaves making a living. I like their food. Who can forget their "Kor Mu Yang"? BBQ Pork Neck. Gai Yang, Som Tam, Sticky Rice etc.

Lots of Thai Basil, Water Spinach (Kangkung), Glass Noodles, Cabbage and Egg

Seafood - Simple, fresh and cheap. The soup base was out of the world but very Thai. The basil leaves lent an aromatic air to the soup. Great for a wet and cool Bangkok night.
The Sticky Rice. Solid foundation for the workers' breakfast in preparation for a hard day's work. I like it as it is unlike Malaysian varieties that sticks to the fingers like a leech. The Thai varieties leave no traces of carbo even though I was using my fingers.
Simple Thai Sauces. One can mix and match which I do not fancy. I prefer the food to speak for itself. So I use sauces sparingly.
BBQ Pork Neck - Juicy, slightly fatty mixed with firm lean meat bbq over an open fire to perfection - the Isaan way.
The Thai Salad. Chinese Celery, Chilis by the tonnes, glass noodles, lots of lime juice ....
BBQ Chicken Wings - Isaan way .... When will be my next trip?

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