Monday, May 31, 2010

Unremarkable Yut Kee - KL

Yut Kee's boss with 83 years old Mr Robson of Sg Buloh. Came all the way for his chicken chop fix.

Food is for living while for some they live for food. Like the Mr. Robson that I met, a loyal customer of Yut Kee remarked to me, "Where you can get a chicken chop with gravy and sides for less than RM10?" My first trip was in 1986 with a group of friends. Then a long hiatus of 10 years before breaking it when eating with my wife. It was another 15 years that I came back for my 3rd outing.

The floggers have been raving about the food here. But then there were detractors as well. Yut Kee like any iconic joints must be treated with care. One must understand its strengths and weaknesses. It can be fickle and unremarkable but yet can still shines and delivers with distinction. The key is to get acquainted.

Perhaps after 15 years I had lost touched or made the mistake of not going with a regular of Yut Kee. We have attended a funeral and went looking for food after the service. Since nobody wanted to take the lead on where to eat I suggested Yut Kee. We went for its simpler fare - fast food for the lunch crowd. My eating companions were quiet about the food. There was nothing more to say if it was unremarkable. Was there a change of the kitchen crew? Was it an off-day performance?

I envy those who came for its roast pork from Friday - Sunday. A 'star' that is available for 2-3 hours. A frightening scenario esp. with the hungry lunch horde competing for a slice of it. Oh, yea, I forgot about the Roti Babi. Should have ordered it. The toast, the homemade 'kaya', the rolls.... Here's to a remarkable revisit and to get acquainted!

The gravy was on the light side and so were the taste. The sides were also average. The Pork Chop was overcooked and coarse. But the price was cheap.
We have had better Hokkien Mee. Food for living I guess!
Another simple and quick meal for the those in a hurry.
Tung Fun/Glass noodles was lumpy and wet.
Yut Kee Restaurant
Jalan Dang Wangi


Life for Beginners said...

Overrated, really. Had their roti babi and it's really nothing to shout about. But must be delicious for those heading down memory lane, ja? :)

Sidney Kan said...

wow this is awesome! lovely spend! :)

J2Kfm said...

On the contrary, I kinda liked their roti babi. Sorry kenny .. :)

The other stuff was not as impressive, the toasts and coffee even.

But the ambience plays a very vital role here, completing a most nostalgic feast.

SimpleGirl said...

i also feel that the food was not as good as those days! i remember during childhood days when dad brought us there, the chicken chop was much better!!!

thenomadGourmand said...

Seriously not up to it's glory days di. But so sad..kinda the only plc for roti babi no?

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The pork chop and hokkien mee is average, but I can't get enough of their belacan fried rice. And the swiss roll! ;)

minchow said...

I still feel I need to try this, despite the standards having not quite kept up. Just not enough places in KL to get all nostalgic!

CUMI & CIKI said...

nooooooo! so sad.. serious ar? well, i need to go back again coz i like the pork chops. cumi finds it dry. I also like the roti babi..

babe_kl said...

actually they're very inconsistent but still ok wid some of the dishes. i must be darn lucky dat my parents used to bring me here since i was a kid. back then errm like 20+ years ago, coming here on Sundays are really big treat!

next time you're in the area, go to the back lane and try the CKT and the loh meen & prawn mee!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

not everything is good, unfortunately. i like the roast pork here, but not the pork chop. roti babi is okay.