Wednesday, May 19, 2010


McCafe turned McDonalds' breakfasts around when the business was heading south. Coffee addicts will not want to get McDonalds' breakfast and then head to Starbucks for their coffee. Now I am not talking about the Premium Roast Coffee but gourmet coffee. Yes, mochas and lattes are brewed to compete with Starbucks.

I got a taste and feel of McCafe in Singapore after touching down at Changi and late. Basically the business model is simple (not as simple if taking into consideration the market study) - an annexe was added to the regular McDonalds restaurant.

This one was packed to the brim and it was Chelsea vs Portsmouth FA Cup Final but with no large screen.
The 'barista' brewing our beverages. Just like the specialty coffee houses!
My Himalayan Tea Latte. It was 11.00pm and I do not take coffee. My usual cuppa at Starbucks would be Chai Latte. A very good cup indeed. Warming and satisfying. Nice preparation for me hit the sack later on.
A nice chicken chunks wholemeal sandwich. Bread was toasted. Really ground-breaking to get this at McDonalds.


Rebecca Saw said...

LOL! Groundbreaking???
You knw, fast food outlets in otr countries alws seem better than Msia. A case of grass is greener at the other side?
Or its jsut taht there are more choices as well as diff menu hence we felt so?

But I can tell u this, KFC in Sg sucks!

Kenny Mah said...

Ah, be nice if we had McCafe here too.