Saturday, May 8, 2010

Restoran Sin Kee - Tmn Industri Bolton, Seri Gombak

New territories, new eateries!! Taman Perindustrian Bolton and Seri Gombak will not ring a bell. Mention Batu Caves heads will nod. Yes it is near Batu Caves and opposite Giant. I like invading new territories. Being of the itchy feet kind I can't sit still. Except for the Middle East and Central Asia, I have been to most of the countries in Asia, multiple times. Hopefully this will translate to food hunting.

There is this 'tai chow' I have visited over 5 times in quick succession. Not that its food its over the moon but the area is decent, car park plentiful and its air-con plus the food prices is reasonable. Here it goes!

Chicken Fish cooked with dry chillis. The particular fish is usually deep-fried or grilled. It is caught usually at the river mouth. Fish them out and place them on the ground and it will produced a sound akin to "kek, kek, kek." It sounds like chicken and therefore its moniker. Its meat is dense and I have yet to eat an average or bad one!
Cheong Cheng Jenahak. Freash and succulent. The 'tau cheong' interacted really well with the meat.Deep Fried Senangin. It had fine and tasty flesh.Deep Fried Pork Belly. Sliced thin and deep-fried till crisp. Sweet sauce caramelised. Everyone's favourite.
Hakka Tofu Soup. Will never go wrong with this dish esp. as a soup. Can eat and drink!Four Heavenly King. Another local favourite with lots of good fibres!Potato Leaves to round up!Restoran Sin Kee
Lot 8, Jln SG 1/10, Pusat Penjaja, Tmn Industri Bolton, Batu Caves.
Tel: 03-61897972/61898972, 0122027972.
Business Hours: 12noon - 3:00pm and 5:30pm - 12midnight.


Kenny Mah said...

Nothing like freshly steamed fresh fish, Chinese-style. Yums! :D

hAPPy HapPy said...

Good discovery .. Thank for sharing.

foodbin said...

Hakka Tofu comes with white radish,too.

Ciki said...

thx for the map! it helps:)