Saturday, May 29, 2010

Perting Pandak Waterfalls aka Lata Hammers - Bentong,Pahang

An hour's drive and 45mins of easy trekking take us to Perting Pandak Waterfalls aka Lata Hammers. The river minus any silting is still clear with good waters. The natural and circular pool off the falls is the largest I have seen. The area is almost an Olympic size pool. The refreshing cool water with a sandy and deep bank gives the impression that we are in a lagoon. In fact I laid down at the water edge for a long time reluctant to take my back off the sand and water!
The equally mesmerising river.
In the midst of fun do observe a few safety rules. Most of the pool is more 6 feet deep. The deep end may be over 20 feet. There are tree trunks buried under the pool. My foot was almost caught by some branches. Divers be extremely careful here. If using simple flotation devices make sure that the leveraging and gripping do not tire you easily as the current will push you to the deep end and panic may set in. Life vest will be the best. For those who want to jump off the rock face, do so at your own risk.
Imagine the strength that comes from the voluminous amount water coming down from the upper reaches after heavy rain. Large rocks and thick tree trunks can be seen along the river - being washed down from higher up. So avoid waterfalls during the rain. Shift the tents to higher ground too.
Perting Valley is used by Adventure Companies for commercial team building. Massive slope conditioning is happening near the trail head, harbinger of some major development activity. I am sure when it rains the soil will be washed into the river. The good times may not last long. Already discarded rubbish is left behind by irresponsible campers and picnickers. Plantation esp durians, rubber and palm oil trees can be seen in and around. A welcome sight only if it is not hugging the river as fertiliser and pesticide will definitely contribute to the waterway.
An easy 45mins hike. Wear long pants to avoid scratched from the underbrushes.
The waterfall and its lagoon.The murky and dark deep end.
1 in a 100 or even 1,000 moments. Shot a mature Rajah Brooke butterfly in full flight using my phone camera. A protected species under CITES (Appendix 2). The bright luminous green stripes against its jet black wings is a sight to behold.
Another 1 in a 1,000 moments. I was waiting patiently for another shot and was rewarded! A Rajah Brooke in a parking position! Alas as I zoomed in the sharpness was lost. Time to get a good and small compact. Perhaps a S90.
This is a really distressing and disgusting sight.A huge tree stump framed against a backdrop of development in progress. The circumference may need at least 3 adults with outstretched hands to encircle.Massive slope works! What more can I say (sigh). Deep in Perting Valley. Another angle for perspective. We have to walk up this slope that extends to the riverside trail head. A late lunch in Bukit Tinggi at Restoran Chee Hoong. One of the two pioneer "tai chow". Be prepared to wait an hour during dinner time.


minchow said...

That pic of the lone tree stump amidst all the clearing breaks my heart :-( Better get outdoors soon before they cut everything down. Over-development is imminent.

thenomadGourmand said...

So d food post is next? :)
Tis plc looks lovely. In PG I c more green in 1week thn wht I See in KL!
I think I should organise a trip here soon. Wil ask u directions whn tht happens!

Life for Beginners said...

If only they followed the nature-lover's creed: "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints..." :(

weng said...

i can't believe my eye when i saw your photo showing massive development of perting valley, means we have to pass by development area before reaching to the reverside trail head?