Monday, May 24, 2010

Hanis Cafe and Bakery - National Library Singapore

Creating the environment for intellectual room and creativity in the mind is one of the most important function of any government interested in the knowledge economy. The National Library of Singapore is one such space. Cavernous with lots of glass and granite it portrays a no nonsense and serious approach to attaining educational excellence.

It is of no surprise that after scrutinising their Math taught to Lower Primary students they are at least 6 months and more ahead of their counterpart across the Causeway. My assessment did not include their additional introduction of Critical Thinking Math in the Math syllabus as yet.

The hangar-like open space within the library is airy and gives the impression of openness and a readiness to receive. Undoubtedly a good place for exhibitions for books, artists or for that matter any discipline that promote art, culture and knowledge.
Hanis Cafe and Bakery is also found at the airport too. I like their facade that blends in well with the building.
The al fresco cafe that has super high roof is expansive and will attract the visitors and then lull them into its relaxing embrace. One will lose track of time here!

My pumpkin soup. In my mind pumpkin is used as a food conditioner. It gives volume and body by sacrificing itself so that other food may shine. I am discovered pumpkin when introduced by my Filipina domestic helper 15 years ago. And my Teochew friend that enlightened me that Or-Nee is not just 100% Yam but also includes Pumpkin! And I just took Pumpkin with Tofu for lunch - interesting!Focaccia
My "intellectual" food. Fish and chips. Hanis @ National Library is a great place to relax.

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Life for Beginners said...

I love pumpkin... it's hearty, filling and when spiced right, absolutely delicious! :)