Friday, June 19, 2009

Sari Ratu (Nasi Padang), Kelana Jaya in Star Metro 14th June 2009

My recent post on Sari Ratu's Nasi Padang was featured in Star Metro on the 14th June 2009. Though it played a subsidiary role to Renita's feature on Padang food under the title "Great bites" it is still as satisfying as having a good meal.

Here is my humble piece in Star Metro given a new title as Pleasant Padang Platter as I don't give titles to my food posts.

My post is found here.

Thank you one and all for this wonderful and meaningful symbiotic relationship.


foodbin said...

congratulations on by featured by the country top selling newspaper!

Unknown said...

yes.... I read that on newspaper. COngratulation and keep it up! ^-^

SimpleGirl said...



Hey WW

Congrats!! :-)

It proves your blog's interesting..

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
J2Kfm said...

congrats. though for once, after a few weeks of hiatus, I thought this column's gone for real.

thenomadGourmand said...

didja site stats go up?? ;p
I like sari ratu too..but the prices are a little on the high side. Like ya, the avocado drink is a must!
I love their curries. good enuf with rice..and some veg!

choi yen said...

Good job, keep it up!!!

worldwindows said...

FB... You have been featured before as I recalled.

FP... I kept the printed page as souvenir.

SG... You are next....

MRC... Hope it continue to be interesting.

J2Kfm... Will continue as long as I am having fun.

TNG... Yes but really not that much maybe overall 100+? Didn't really pinpoint. I use to have the avocado drink in Indonesia.

MD... Hope to keep up.

Anonymous said...

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