Saturday, June 13, 2009

Udang Merah Durian - King of Fruits Season is Back

Udang Merah from Jusco, 1 Utama.
Premium Old Tree and 50% off probably after 9:00 or 9:30pm.
Two trays from 2 different trees at RM48.90.
Each tray about 12 medium size pieces with flat small seeds.
Yes the durian season is back. I had my second round of Udang Merah already. Yum, yum, yum:-) I am blessed with a constituent where I can eat durians regularly without much problems. Those days when I was living in Thailand, I could not resist eating a small tray of Monthong or Chanee almost everyday for a short stretch when the season comes a calling.

A very interesting feature of Thai eating habit was they like their durians firm (half ripen). Over here we called it 'sang fang sze' literally as hard as a potato. So those that have gone soft are considered spoilt goods and it can be picked up cheap from the market! This is good news for Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Off course now I do not have to survive on the Thai varieties as I am very much home. But it is interesting to note that Thai durians have invaded Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. It can be spotted in most of the markets and stalls.

Back to the Udang Merah. Deep dark orange though not really reddish. This tray is what good durian should be - gummy and velvety with thick flesh - no fibres. Strong smell with strong taste and so sweet and creamy with a tinge of bitter. The good thing about these durians is I could not detect a drop of moisture just buttery sticky goodness from nature.
The second tray's durians has crinkled skin. But the taste and smell was even better than the already so good 1st tray. Two thumbs up. So satisfying. Really a feast for the eyes, nose and tongue. It looked so fragile that I have to gingerly pick it up so as not to break its skin as though that would allow the flavours and goodness to escape. For me there is no such thing as diminsihing returns for eating durians. When will I stop? Till the season stops! But then ... I can go without durians for the entire year.

Read more about Musang and the famous Durian SS2 stall from Masak-masak.


Sugar Bean said...

Durian season in Malaysia, gonna miss it this year. Bought it from Jusco? Good idea, don't have to open the durians by yourself. ^^

Selba said...

Yes, it's durian season! Love it!

Udang merah? Red shrimp? what a cute name, hehehe... How's it compared to Monthong Thai durian?

Little Inbox said...

We bought some from the market yesterday. Specially request for bitter taste durian. :)

Lai Ying said... bought from Jusco and it was good? So far my durian purchases from jusco have been up to mark. JUst that so convenient pre-packed for a lazy person. Must go and check it out...but i dont think the cheras outlet has this red shrimp!?

Lai Ying said...

Sorry...actually "have NOT been up to mark"!

worldwindows said...

SB... I prefer durians in a tray for convenience and inspect what I buy.

Selba... Monthong is sweet with a bit of durian smell. I eat it as a substitute when our durians are not in season. Malaysians like a strong durian smell coming with a tinge of bitter as well as its gummy.

LI... Miss those days at the market.

LY... I agree with you as I did not get quality durians from Jusco so far except now at the 1 Utama. It maybe be the demand for durians may not be there. I can afford only when its 50% off after 9+pm otherwise I am paying about RM4.00 per seed! Moderately priced durians (D24 range) can be bought from Giant. So far good experience.

CUMI & CIKI said...

just don't belch on me! hehe

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

The durian seasons is here and every day I can smell some durian aroma. But this year I have not try any durian as the weather is so heaty at the moment. ^-^

fatboybakes said...

OOOOHHHHHHH ME OH MY!!!! my favourite!

SimpleGirl said...

don't tempt me....haha....last 2 weeks had nice durian....anyway, i bought durian at jusco b4...not bad actually ya!

J2Kfm said...

i've YET to taste my first!!!!

where o where?!!!!

last yr, we went to Gerik and had a feast! unlimited supplies, literally.

backStreetGluttons said...

People have done lots of things with durians , from perfumes to laxatives to cakes to iced creams to whatever. We wanna a curry durian beef next, or a super chilled durian beer or maybe a brown durian wine ! That could be the missing ultimate
lol !

mimid3vils said...

Packed durian sold in supermarket is more expensive hor...?

Big Boys Oven said...

hahah you already melted me now with lovely awesome durian!

Tummythoz said...

So far oni bought durians from roadside stalls. Yes it's riskier than buying what you see from the supermarkets but still fun to 'act' like very well verse in choosing a good fruit. Hehehe

worldwindows said...

CampC... Belching out is terrible. I was taught not to produce waste in public!

FP... I don't have much problem with heat. Yippee!

FBB... The test for citizedship for Malaysians - can face and eat durians without crinkling the face and nose.

SG... Juscs has good branded durians. But make sure inspect them carefully for moisture. Those are not good.

J2Fkm... I had it in Gerik before. My goodness there was a street where it is like a wholesale market. 13 of us whacked I am sure how many!

BSG... I think durian wine is plausible!

MD... Yes but I still patronize roadside stalls that pack durians in trays. I like t press them to make sure its soft :)

BBO... I am sure people like you knows the best durian for baking!

TT... Make sure you have a pair of industrial gloves when you handle those thorny stuffs.