Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ikan Bakar - GIANT Food Court Taman Permata, Ulu Klang

If you want to sample good Malay Mixed Rice and Grilled Fish head to this food court within Giant Hypermarket. Taman Permata along MRR2 and is directly opposite the 30-year-old Taman Melawati. Brisk business happens when the food is reasonable price and the food up to mark. I like to do a spot of shopping after the meal.

The Ikan Bakar is fresh. They have Catfish (Keli), Cincaru and Kembong for grilling over a charcoal flames. In addition to that they also fried the fish which includes Kerisi. Besides that the usual Malay dishes plus Ulam (Salad). To accompany all this the sauces are good and well-spiced with with Asam Jawa, Cincaluk, Chilis and Onions.

Grilled Kembong with dessicated coconut in spices wrapped in Banana leaf. The coconut gave body and had absorbed the spices making it go well with the fish. The Kembong reveals shiny skin and the patterns are still clear when I unwrapped it. The meat was firm and came apart from the bones easily. There was no unpleasant smell in the stomach area.
Grilled Stuffed Cincaru and Kembong. Again the fishes were fresh. The Kembong licked by raw charcoal fire flames taste good esp. with great sauces spread all over the fish body. The Cincaru is good for stuffing and the spicy fillings made up for the general lack of taste in the meat. Excellent. I did not ordered any fishes fried in oil as who wants the inferior stuff when I can have something better.
Some nice aromatic Coriander leaves and Wing Beans with Ulam sauces. AppetizingUsual Nasi Campur.And Penang Road ABC abd Cendol. Honestly can't match the Penang Road one. Lagging by a distance.


Bangsar-bAbE said...

I noticed you like eating fish hor? The stuffed fishes look yummy...but the ABC looks a bit sad! =P

thenomadGourmand said...

aiyoo..they dare to call tht Pg ABC??
Wanna throw the bowl at them!

SimpleGirl said...

a lot of copy cats around, simply put Ipoh taugeh chicken, penang laksa...but taste bad...this one even the looks doesn't match Penang chendol haha....

backStreetGluttons said...

Malay food is as simple as can be , with 3 key ingredients of sambal(chili), santan and belacan !
as long as its fresh it is pungent & great !

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Little Inbox said...

I like the Malay grilled fish with their special sour and spicy chili sauce.

CUMI & CIKI said...

i like my ABC very rich very sweet! :D

550ml jar of faith said...

I like me some grilling action too! Got my eye on the grilled kembong. Ulu Kelang is going to be a bit of a stretch for me... you seem to be frequenting places wayyy on the other side of the town from me!

PureGlutton said...

What can be more salivating than fresh fish grilled in sambal wrapped in banana leaves?? And eaten hot off the charcoal fire!

worldwindows said...

BB... Fish is my favourite meat but then I like other meats as long as it is tasty:)

TNG... Penangites will feel offended!

SG... It seems it was a branch of Penang Road and came out in newspapers but quality has gone down.

BSG... Their ulam is also a winner. Foreigners love it.

LI... The sauce was a winner. A bit thicker would be nicer.

CampC... ABC standards is inconsistent. I have not really find a good one and stick with it.

Faith... Used to live and work around there.

PG... Yes, yes and yes!