Friday, June 12, 2009

Steamed Tilapia and Curry Wild Boar - Jalan DA 1, Kg Desa Aman, Kepong (Next to Sierramas)

Compared with the upmarket, neat and proper Sierramas the adjacent Kg. Desa Aman is of the rough and tumble kind. Restoran Ah Soon comes highly recommended by 2 of my friends living nearby.

At the roundabout after the flyover from Jalan Sg Buloh into Sierramas: 9 o'clock will lead to the ELC International School, 3 o'clock will be into Sierramas through the guardhouse while from the 4 o'clock turn-in will lead into Kg. Desa Aman. The road is good enough to travel in with factories and vacant plots of land with overgrown grass on the left and right. I believe this road can lead to KIP and Aman Puri.

A few more hundred meters we entered Kg. Desa Aman. It seems that this village has climbed up the economic strata with nice looking houses with big compound rebuilt with bricks and mortar. Most likely the factories nearby are owned by owners of these houses. Arriving at 12:30pm was strategic. By 1:00pm the crowd was there and the double lot shophouse was almost full. With high ceiling and spacious floor space it is an enjoyable lunch despite the hot weather. It is also bright, well-maintained and clean.

Three of us ordered their signature dishes - Steamed Tilapia in a Tray, Dry Curry Wild Boar Meat and a Veg. Total bill RM47.00 plus drinks.Tilapia was butterflied and steamed in a flat stainless steel tray. The light sauce almost had the fish totally immersed. With Lily Bulbs, mushrooms, White Tofu, Foo Chok, Tau Pok and Black Fungus there were alot of stuff to pick on besides the excellent fish.

The light sauce was a winner as it opened up my appetite. Steamed fish should be done this way. The slightly sweet and savoury sauce with the infusion of ginger and garlic makes it a perfect lunch - light and tasty. Steamed to perfection the meat was firm and succulent. So much for a much maligned fish that made it into the gourmet table through bio-technology. Just like this new village. 8/10.The Dry Curry Wild Boar meat was done Indian style as the smell (esp the mustard seed) is peculiar to Indian dishes only. It was mixed with lightly cooked Wing Beans and Onions to complement the strong curry and balanced the taste besides adding a good crunch. 7.5/10.Nice to end the meal with Potato Leaves stir-fried with garlic. Light and easy for a refreshing lunch. 7/10.

Restoran Ah Soon
Jalan DA 1
Kg. Desa Aman

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foodbin said...

is that the only way to go there?-can I see the restaurant from from the NS highway.
it looks like an affordable and well balanced meal.

worldwindows said...

Yes you can come in from NSE. Exit at Sg Buloh, pass the Toll keep right and take the flyover above Sg. Buloh road. Go straight and immediately after you will see roundabout and Sierramas.

thenomadGourmand said...

aahh..i luv tai chows..& i luv my fish done that way..simple with the flesh fresh and naturally sweet being the main flavour...not all restaurant gets this right.

backStreetGluttons said...

This kind of rough and tough hot humid messy broken place is a bsg favourite ! more so if locals recommend it !

After your this review and which will soon be followed next by tv series Hochiak then it will be packed day , night and mornings !
We better try it tomorrow or be doomed forever !

worldwindows said...

TNG... I should have gone in to see their steamer. Mostly likely a tower steaming rack as most tables have a tray of this fish.

BSG... All the best!