Sunday, June 21, 2009

De Foodland Crabs, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

25 & 27, Jalan 3/62B, Bandar Sri Menjalara. H.P. - 0162331141
How many ways are there to walk (oops wok) the crabs? If it is walking, just one but when it come to wokking, De Foodland Seafood Restaurant has possibly more than 40 ways. I must thank Food 4Tots for the recommending this restaurant.

I would really like to know how many kilograms of crabs are consume every week. This double lot restaurant (plus upstairs and alfresco) could easily fit 50-70 tables. Just 2 rows of shophouse and tucked inside a sleepy a sprawling housing estate. It is very near to Desa Parkcity and not too far from Tmn Sri Sinar, Segambut, Mont Kiara and Sri Damansara. This time I made sure I got the route right following the last misadventure.

The Saturday night was muggy but we managed to get into the air-con section. It was packed to the brim by 8:20 pm when we got our table. Our expectations were heightened seeing the various styles of cooking crabs adorning part of the wall. Salivating somewhat and relishing a good meal we don't mind waiting which comes with a full house restaurant. I predicted the food will arrive in 30 minutes and my son 45 minutes. I am more optimistic due to conditioning from the nature of my work while my son has my darker side. Still both of us were wrong. It took 65 minutes for the crabs to arrive. Crap!

We were warned a minimum of 2 crabs will be served per style of cooking with a combined weight of at least 1.2-1.3 kg. They were calling the shots and we have to take it or leave it. We got their top-seller, Creamy Butter Crab. It looked really creamy so I decided that we get something thin on sauce to complement. Black Stout Crabs it was. That set us back RM117.00 excluding 5% government tax. Other dishes and drinks were not in yet.
Black Stout Crabs. Sticky, thin and sweet caramelized layer of sauce. The crustacean were sectioned and dipped fried lightly before the wok cooking to coat it with the sauce. I found the taste unique and earthy. It's sticky sweetness but not exactly in my list when I am there next. I will go for steamed savoury ones.
The Creamy Butter Crabs were ordered for their creamy sauce as we wanted to have mantou instead of rice. It was really good wiping the creamy sauce off the plate and crabs with the mantou. The creamy and gummy sauce has quick diminishing returns in taste as we got 'jelat' pretty quick. The 1.3 kg worth of crabs were too much for us to eat. The next round I will try meehoon or vermicelli with Fried Crabs. And without the sweet mantou. Kind of not of the right match. Carbs and Crabs!

From eating both plates of crabs I realised that two small sections of the crabs were bruised from one of the legs to the side of the body rendering the meat there soft and soggy. Any bigger damage will spoil my meal.

Read more from kampungboycitygal (Oct 2007) and masak- masak (Nov 2006).
The mantou was not oily with a crispy crust and fluffy dough. Round up the meal with Young French Beans.
Part of De Foodland leaflet.


Little Inbox said...

Wow, so many types of crab dishes to choose from? Difficult to make decision ler...

SimpleGirl said...

i would like to try balck stout crab...special...

CUMI & CIKI said...


backStreetGluttons said...

Crab meat is very delicious as having firm meat with a distinctive strong taste but for 3 serious problems:
1. expensive ! pound for kg !
2. difficult to access !
3. difficulty sourcing fresh quality crabs

verdict: we avoid them...just like durians ! But will gulp them down straight if right in front of our eyes !

thenomadGourmand said...

oohh..finally i knw the name of this godamn plc! so frens go.."this plc in Kepong..crabs in 39 ways ahh..but err...dunno la..cnat rmbr the name".. and this was the answer frm 6 different frens!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Black stout crab... hmm... something new to me. Usually have black stout chicken, spare ribs but not crab. Should try it when I have the chance. ^-^

My Taste Heaven said...

Always heard that there is a good place to eat crabs in Kepong. Is it the one?

My Taste Heaven said...

Always heard that there is a good place to eat crabs in Kepong. Is it the one?

ling239 said...

heard of this place, but my fren's advise is to be there early!! if possible around 6pm, no crowd... ^_^

foodbin said...

this is crabs heaven!

jenn said...

I love crabs so much! How lucky to have gone to such a great restaurant.

The pictures are amazing, too bad its so far away from me!


PureGlutton said...

The crabs looked good but to wait more than an hour??!! And not cheap too!

Food For Tots said...

It is my favourite place for crabs! For takeaway, we usually call to order, then we will get the food by the time we reach there. No need to wait. ;p

worldwindows said...

LI... The waitress will help but their pics actually help in the indecision!

SG... Taste of caramel. I think stout has high sugar content.

CampC... It is.

BSG... Yeah, can't resist, kind of like love hate thing.

TNG... Hope you will drop by.

FP... I ordered it for the novelty. I will try others next.

MTH... To me there is 2 great places in Kepong. This I just found the other is Tak Fook known more for its cheap crabs at RM18 a kg.

ling239... I wanted but keep on delaying till 8pm. Sigh...

FB... The crowds were intimidating.

Jenn... Thanks for dropping by. Amazing food.

PG... KL price for good size crab is about RM40-43 a kg.

FfT... May try that the next time.