Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ahan Thai, Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Listed in Popular Food Guide, Feminine (20/9/07) and Recommended by Ho Chiak

Situated in the ever popular commercial square in Bandar Puteri. It stretches from the Bandar Puteri's LDP ramp to Puchong Hartamas. Over a kilometer long this is the place to look for food. Basically upper middle and the spending power has never been so strong in Puchong.

One afternoon my makan kakis and I were over at Puchong for lunch. We have a penchant for Curry Fish Head. This one is unique as it was made from salted fish head. It is not salty at all. The decisions were split from those at the table. I like it. My complaint: not much fish meat to go around. Rating: 7/10.
Venison - Strong taste and salty. Needed plenty of white rice to accompany. Small portions so ordered another plate. 7/10.
Curry Beef - I am not sure what style, guess it was Thai but I have never eaten this dish in Thailand before eventhough I have lived there and travelled far and wide. 6/10.
Kangkong and Belacan - Usual. 6/10.Thai Salad - Very sour but fresh ingredients. Salivating. 7/10.
Tofu with minced meat - Ordinary. 6/10.Lots of Ti Kuan Yin to wash the food down.Picture gone wrong due to wrong setting. Never mind lah or Mai Pen Rai. I used it to show and tell. Corner lot and spacious. Warm woody feel but looks slightly jaded. Need a fresh look to rejuvenate. Not that many tables occupied. 7 pax total was RM157.


backStreetGluttons said...

sometimes a misnamed place is suicidal. do him a favour , ask him to recall it alanthailove

CUMI & CIKI said...

why does the food look more chinese .. rather than thai..

foodbin said...

curry looks spicy. is Ahanthai opp a Korean restaurant?

Selba said...

no much meat on fish head? That's why I don't like to eat fish head, hehehe...

worldwindows said...

BSG... Yes I was not very impressed. Lack the cutting edge in their promotions.

CampC... Their most sellable dishes, chicken wrapped in pandan and tomyam. I did asked if they have pla pow (snakehead baked in salt) kor mu yang (grilled pig's neck meat). Answer is they tried introducing Thai dishes, but Malaysians do not fancy authentic Thai dishes. So we ordered mostly tai chow stuff.

FB... Yes Daorae, you must be familiar with Bandar Puteri.

Selba... Also the fish rot from the head first so it better be fresh :)

Food For Tots said...

Sounds like the food quality is only slightly above average. But the price is quite reasonable.

worldwindows said...

Yes your are right on both counts.