Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 Most Unconventional Romantic Places To Go

This post is dedicated to my better half for a romantic day!

Rustic Simple Slow - Central Mindanao
Many landless farmers were resettled here and some became successful. Known as the food basket of Philippines, Mindanao is fertile. Fertilize by diligence, fruits of the soil brought wealth. Hundreds of hectares per plantations. Sugarcane, pineapple, paddy and orchards. Del Monte the famous American brand has their plantation nearby. Beautiful, secluded, with lots of green a perfect hideout!
Sweet Seductive Ali Baba Marriott - Karachi Pakistan
I wished my wife is there to warm the place up. I was on transit to another city in the central Pakistan and stayed the night in this beautiful Marriott room. 2 days later Marriott Islamabad was bombed.
Riverine Meandering Discourse - Bangladesh
This river originated off the mighty Ganges in India. Slow float around this riverine nation. Life will no longer be denominated in money. Spend time not money. Spend unhurried time with one another without getting into persistent fights over money that wreck so many modern marriages. Spread some smiles in this land that has been devastated by natural disasters and also political bickering.
Quiet Deserted Privacy - Mongolia
The horses helped built one of the largest empire the world has ever seen. Beside the horses stood the equally modern and mighty Land Cruiser! It was -15 degree Celcius. I understood quickly the term "biting and bitterly cold." But it was a scene to behold: Yaks, Bactrian 2 humps camels, clear blue skies and Gers. Whether riding with Land Cruisers or horses it is great to go into the sunset with your loved ones.
Quaint Unplugged Tasty Marina Restaurant - Kolkata
Local, typical, uninspiring but tasty. A bit dirty but did not cause stomach upsets or food poisoning. The menu is displayed proudly at the door. Wide varieties. Herbs and spices do bring life and laughter when eaten and enjoyed together. Most of the food here is cheap and tasty. Variety is a spice of life.
Pastoral Pony Express - Cambodia
Buildings pockmarked (checked building on the left) with bullets and broken walls with RPG are still visible and not restored. Moved around with pony drawn transportation. The fertile and flat land of the Khmers is enriched with nutrients from the yearly flood. Enjoy Tonle Sap Lake and the huge Mekong River. Despite the rich natural resources the country were literally destroyed by war and still recovering from it. War is bad. Let's make love and not war.
Loud Crowded Dynamic - Saigon Vietnam
Not all privacy is good. We are not cave dwellers. Saigon is a great place to interact. Crowded, aggressive, loud, dynamic, vibrant and 7 plus million. Great food and the factory of USA. Eat and shop to your heart content.
Floating Water Bed - Bayung Lencir Central Sumatera
Sleep and eat on a floating hut on top of the river. Tasty Ikan Tapah caught off the river and cooked with ingredients so readily available from the gardens beside the river. Go organic, detox and have a peaceful and blissful time.
Eagle's Eye Viewderness - Kalimantan
Cessna on skis. Take-off and touch down from and on the river. Anywhere you wish to go. The wilderness beckons on this wild and mostly untapped humongous island of the world. Who needs to go to the smallish Great Barrier Reef's Hamilton Island for a break? Eat and live with the locals and taste the Dayak dishes that were sourced from ingredients from the jungles and rivers. Be the Wildman and Wildwoman of Borneo. So romantic!
Broken Tainted String of Pearls - Sri Lanka
We are on the way to Nuwara Eliya a place up in the mountain for a piece of Sri Lanka's colonial past. It is a cool all year round. You get 2 hours of sunshine a day and then mist will move in for the rest of the day. Eliya is also known as Little England where colonialism in different forms still lives on. Mercifully this place is not very much touched by the war in the trenches up North. Despite the string of pearls being broken it is till a beautiful place.


New Kid on the Blog said...

only 1 word - amazing!!!

New Kid on the Blog said...
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This is nice....WW not just good at promoting places to go for good food but oso places to travel..:D

backStreetGluttons said...

As they say , love is in the heart , wherever you may be. Jungle is also good ! you left out Taman Negara !

Selba said...

Wow... You've been to so many places....

I think I would love and happy to be in the quiet desert Mongolia together with the horses around, hehehe...

Life for Beginners said...

I'd go for Mongolia, personally... the wilderness and the silence would be perfect. The sort of abandoned romance I wouldn't mind to ignite... ;)

CUMI & CIKI said...

so that's where that shot is from.. :)

Love saigon !

worldwindows said...

NKotB... Off the beaten track is a great way to travel.

MRC... Part of my work.he..he..he..nicelah.

BSG... T Negara maybe too common. Been there once and like it. I skipped China and Thailand too.

Selba... The place I want to go back again.

LfB... Mongolia is a new destination but transit time and layovers either in Beijung overnight or Seoul 20 hours can douse the fires...

CampC... I take ethical photos :-) Yes Saigon my favourite for food and I can't believe it I have been there 70 times since 1995, lol.

Alex said...

nice list, and most importantly all the photos are taken by yourself, great effort. others would just rip a photo from somewhere else

For me, dessert would be the weirdest.. I can't stand a place without water haha


worldwindows said...

Alex... Photos all mine:) otherwise, wouldn't be original. Their Gobi desert is huge.