Happy Tai Chow Restaurant - SS3 Taman University

SS3 in Tmn University is a matured housing estate. Houses are decades old. However, I see signs of renewal initiated by the local Council in the form of new infrastructures like outdoor sports arena for the benefit of the residents.
All photos taken with Nokia E90
Happy Restaurant is a typical eating place. Located along Jalan SS3/37 it is in a corner lot with plenty of space. Trees (only in matured housing area) at the side provide shade and cool it down. The boss is genial and came to talk to us. Good PR.

Our party has 7 persons. We ordered 5 dishes. 1) German Roast Knuckle 2) Curry Garoupa Fish Head 3) Tofu 4) Local Asparagus 5) Kangkung. The bill came to RM109 (excl. drinks). There was enough to go round and each of us left full and happy.

The main attraction is the German Roast Knuckle. The skin is not as crunchy as I like but the meat was moist, tender and tasty (meaning fresh from the market). I have eaten some where the flesh was bland and chewy. I chew so much that my jaw was numb and tired.

The aftermath
The Curry Fish Head was awesome as the fish head cames fresh and the meat was firm and sweet. Great choice. Only complaint, it should be spicier.

To round up the meal the rest were normal fare, run of the mill, good for health and fibre rich dishes.


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