Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eric Tsang Restaurant in Hartamas Shopping Centre, Sri Hartamas

My friends took me to Eric's for lunch last Sunday. Tried their Dim Sum. The service was prompt and attentive. They also make the right moves during serving. All shots taken with Nokia E90.

Too much honey left me with a de-sensitized tongue.
Lingmug (Lemon Honey Tea)
I would have preferred to have their bamboo trays first rather than the following. The honey has done some damage to my tongue. Now these with strong and thick sauces. I would be lost when the real dim sum comes with its subtle taste and flavor 'lost'.
Phoenix Claw (A bit too bland - need more 5 spice and also black beans)
Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf (Just nice . Not sticky and salty.)Chee Cheong Fun (A bit cold, did not excite my sense of smell and taste)Lobak Ko - Radish (I prefer the hawkers - the wok is not hot enough) Porridge (The chicken slices taste like yesterday prep and the rice seems to have been pureed)Yong Tow Foo (The sauce is just nice and fish meat is fresh)
Fish B all (Fresh but a bit too salty)Siu Loong Pau (Normal but no zing)Siew Mai (Fresh and taste is subtle)Yam Puff - This is the best (Fillings is an excellent balance of sauces and meat)Pork Ribs (Steamed to perfection with a nice blend of subtle sauces)Har Kaw (The prawn is crunchy - another winner)

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Rasa said...

More and more Hong Kong celebrities setting up F&B biz in APAC. There are quite a few eateries in Shanghai owned by celebs.