Tuesday, July 22, 2008

6 Thinking Action Hats*

Fun and Leisure Loving.
Australia is a nation at leisure. They are mad about sports too.
When I need to relax and have some fun. It is especially crucial when I am stress out.
Discipline and Rigid.
When there is a need to get work done methodically and systematically in the midst of chaos and confusion.
When there is a need to be predatory in seizing windows of opportunities rather than having the “Whatever will be, will be!” mentality.
Aggressive in overcoming.
When there is a need to bulldoze barriers to success rather than being discouraged and wallow in self-pity.
Gentle and in harmony.
When there is a need to be in meditative and reflective mood. An ounce of thought is worth a pound of thoughtless work.
Tagore received the Nobel Prize for Literature. I was given a book written by an unknown Bengali writer even though I can’t read Bengali. They are literature proud.
When there is a need to break the writer’s block this will be the inspiring one.
* Borrowing from de Bono's 'Six Thinking Hats'.

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