Thursday, July 17, 2008

Settling In New House

I spent 2 weeks packing. The previous house was in total chaos. Three trucks with 6 workers came to move the stuff. It was money well-spent (RM750) as within 2 1/2 hours we have everything moved and positioned in new home.

However, I got to stay for 2 nights before hopping over to Indonesia for 5 days of hard travels. Came back for a week already and getting into the rhythm of things and life. New places to discover.

But have yet to unpacked another 15 boxes. Astro not shifted yet. My son is patiently waiting. And the phone and Internet line!! They have not called me yet for an appointment. It's been 3 days. However, I got a neat new number.

These few days took the opportunity to wind down and yesterday caught up with blogging. I am still winding down from the shifting and travel and enjoying new environment.

Took this shot at 800am this morning from the balcony.

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