Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dapur Desa Resto - Surabaya, Indonesia

Serving Sundanese and East Javanese cuisine.
Location: Jln. Basuki Rahmat
Date of Visit: 10th July 2008 (Thursday night)
The facade of the Resto
It serves fast traditional (oxymoron) food without MSG. There are also no man-made coloring, preservative and flavoring.
The spread is long
The service is fast in comparison with the slow service in Indonesian restaurants.
I was told by the manager that they will be opening a branch in Malaysia soon.
Friendly service
Generally they fulfill the requirements of the practical and urbane food buff which are: fast and friendly service, right ambiance, taste is above average and price is reasonable.

Nice ambiance
Mind you they even have otak-otak!
Do drop by if you are in Surabaya. Check out the following pictures.
Curry prawns
Grilled prawnsDeep-fried calamariAyam bumbu kari (chicken curry)Deep-fried (an interesting style not explored in Malaysia) crabsDeep-fried GuramiFried-dried shrimpsWaderBaby NilaThe tempe (made from soya bean)Cow skin dish Fried Tofu and Tofu skinNasi bakar (rice grilled inside banana leaf) with chicken and ikan asin (salted fish) fillings

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