Monday, June 2, 2008

Guinness 9 Ball Pool - Genting Highlands Malaysia

We were very excited that we can watch the Guinness 9 Ball Pool live in Genting Highlands on the 1st June. We have 3 tickets. There will be the semi-finals then follow by the finals. Will Chang from Taiwan makes it a hattrick of three in a row wins for this year tour?

Pool is quick game. Simple to understand and exciting to watch. The Taiwanese and Filipinos are world class. It is very hard to go on defensive so the best defense is to attack. I love those skills. Three tickets were given to us. My son was ga ga over watching it live. Over Friday and Saturday, I have been following the round robin and the quarter-finals on Astro.

So last Sunday, we were drove up. "Wait a minute!", my son shouted as we hit the Gombak area. "Only those over 18 will be admitted!", a mixture of disappointment and resignation from his voice. What a let-down for him. Teens want to remain young to enjoy the privileges and sometimes hope to be older to claim certain rights. Anyhow we make it to the top and luck was with us as we got parking space immediately. Another was leaving just as we enter the car park. It is always difficult to find parking during school holidays.

So we arrived and went to talk to the usher but a 'no' is a 'no'. Looks like to me the organizer laid down strict instructions as it is sponsored by a company that sells alcoholic beverages. I have no heart to let my son to be on his own. My wife packed her notebook to work in Starbucks. It will be a busy few weeks for her. Yes I miss the finals! So what's next? I licked my wounds and brood for a while in Starbucks looking for energy to bounce back.
What a feeling!
30 minutes later, I took him up to the arcade for the Plan B. It will be a long drawn out and costly affair. I went to look for fresh steamed sweet corn but was always sold out or still cooking that I gave up. Then the smell from the roasting of chestnut nearby was driving me 'nuts'. We managed to break out into the open for fresh air to sit and laze around, talking and laughing.

So with nothing to do I kept my eyes and ears open for some people watching. I heard dialects that have never entered my ears before. All types of people. The well heeled and the not so. Outdoors, two Lamborghini were parked outside the Genting Hotel. Possibly the high rollers or the bosses. On the other spectrum I saw kids on imitation Crocs and flimsy shoes. Indoors, a pretty lady with a RM10,000 handbag, high heel shoes from Italy, a matching cashmere cardigan and long straight hair was watching and chaperoning her 4 year son in the arcade area. Then at the Maybank ATM area I was asked by a man if my machine dispensed RM10 notes. He is down to his 'tens' I guess, hopefully not 'pants'.

My son with his new friend fighting bad guys on Ghost Squad

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