Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tribal Lisu Food - Chiang Dao, Thailand

In Chiang Dao (North Thailand), a Lisu family served dinner. They are from the Tibetan stock. It was almost 13 years since I visited a Lisu community. The like the lowlands. Their houses is still the same. Mud floor and the usage of firewood for cooking. However, I can see a satellite dish and other modern amenities.

Kitchen utensils covered in thick soot

We have blanched long beans with green chilli sauce, bamboo shoots with chilli powder and black chicken with potato, lemongrass and galangal soup. The lemongrass and galangal had infused deep into the soup. The strong herbal and spicy taste and smell renewed my senses.

Black chicken with galangal and lemongrass

The black chicken gives 'body' to the soup. It is sweet and tantalizing to my tongue without the grabbing, clingy taste of MSG . It was raining outside but I felt warm.


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