Thursday, June 12, 2008

Orchids - Chinagdao, Thailand

Desire, Delight, Discipline and Dollars

These orchids were from a Chiang Dao (Thailand) nursery. I shot them using my Nokia E90. What a beautiful sight! Orchids just draw me in. It's charm comes from the many colors and shapes. The petals are open, welcoming and enticing. I desire them and is delighted in the presence of these queen of flowers.

On a practical note orchids can last for weeks even after cutting. However, it is difficult to handle. Just to keep it alive is so difficult. And the discipline needed to coax it to bear flowers is not for ordinary mortals. I have gone through this path many times!

My friends from the west love to brings orchids as a gift when visiting. Nearer home I have a friend who has turned the desire, delight and discipline into dollars. Its all legit.

On the other hand, there is a black market for wild orchids esp. those forage from the forest by 'poachers'. It has been done for years. I know that some went to Holland. Cameron Highlands and Fraser's Hill are some of the happy hunting grounds.

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