Monday, June 16, 2008

Thai Massage - Elbowed and Kneed

Traditional Thai massage is one of the kind. The masseur is well trained and discipline. Check out how 'masseur' is pronounced in Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. Due to its popularity, run of the mill profit generating centres are sprouting all over the place. They tried hard to provide good services but hampered by their masseur's lack of training.

Traditional Thai massage in Nongpakrang, Chiangmai

This centre in Nongpakrang village in Chiangmai is operated by the villagers. For massage, personally I prefer a pair of strong hands. The vagaries of urban living left many muscle groups unattended and in need of rehabilitation by a pair of skillful hands. This centre is air-con, clean and proper. It has rooms for 3 and for the same gender and practices the open concept. Not even curtains are present. The price, surprise, B90 per hour. All 12 of us signed up for 2 hours each. RM18 for 2 hours of Thai traditional massage. Where to get!

A 71 year old grandma worked on one of my friends. She gave a rave review. Another male friend was worked on by a man masseur and he gave a bad report. Apparently the touch was too soft for his liking.

My masseur was a 50 year old. She worked on both my feet first. Her hands were firm and strong. The stick was also used to dig deep into the soles of my feet. I can feel the pain esp on sensitive parts. Then she worked on my shins. It was painful as my muscles was all tensed up. I was told that those who have no time for exercises should get regular help from these massages to prevent injury. Then she started working on my thighs. After some relaxing and deft work with her hands the knee works started. It was numbing and painful. She sank her knee cap on my thighs in different areas.

Then the works on the back begun. I have very tensed shoulder, neck and back muscles due to work on my computer. As usual after some relaxing but strong finger works, she elbowed me! I can report that the pain was excruciating. She dragged the elbow across the entire length of my back muscles portion by portion. From the left to the right. Then finally my hands were worked on and by now I cannot feel any more pain.

Overall it was a happy outing for nearly all of us. That night I hit the sack early. The rehabilitation using pain therapy was successful. I got up relax and happy.

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