Monday, June 9, 2008

Food and Fruits of North Thailand

The rain was there when I arrived in Chiang Mai and then later to Chiang Dao. A quick tour to a food centre for a quick meal. It is convenient and has variety.

This dish is actually the Vietnamese Thit Nuong but popular in Thailand

Tab Tim - Thai dessert

Then off to MK for my favorite hot pot (Chinese fondue).

The vegetable platter

All types of fish paste and ball, meat, shrimp wanton etc in the hot pot

The next day we went to Chiang Dao. A quick look at the fruit stall confirmed that the mango season is still around. So were the rambutans and durians. The big and better quality mangoes were going at a very cheap USD0.50 per kilo. It is USD2.30 in Kuala Lumpur!

Almost every morning we have Eastern food with 'khao niaw' (sticky rice) and deep fried and grilled meat like chicken, pork, Thai sausage and fish. The rice is unlike any I have before. It is eaten using the fingers. It would be a messy and sticky affair but not with Thai sticky rice. No residual and sticky leftover.

Sticky Rice
Dipping sauce made from grilled green chilli, fish fries and fish sauce
Deep fried sausage, pork, chicken and fishGrilled pork (neck), sausage and pepper eggs

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