Friday, June 13, 2008

Brahim's Chicken Kurma

My son loves chicken cooked with Kurma Sauce. It is easy to get this dish going using Kurma Sauce from Brahim's. Just 5 minutes preparation and 15 mins cooking/simmering time. Once a while turn the chicken over so that it won't stick to the 'wok pan'.

What I like about Brahim's is the great taste and it is without colouring, MSG and preservative. It cost RM3.25 (USD1.00). I used skinless chicken leg (300+ gm) costing RM3.40 plus one Bombay onion. I did not add potatoes as the sauce is thick enough. Potatoes are added to thicken the sauce. Since it is eaten with rice or bread there is enough carbohydrate. No chili for my son. He doesn't like it.

1. The Sauce (180gm)
2. The sauce and skinless chicken leg into the 'wok pan' (300+gm)
3. Add 400ml of water and the 1 Bombay onions.
And chili and potatoes as desired.
4. Bring to boil. Lower fire and simmer till meat is tender (15mins)
5. Viola. Ready to be eaten.

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