Thursday, June 19, 2008

Competition according to Tony Fernandes

A dog fight is on the card. MAS has decided to strike back. Their 'Every Day Low Fares' and the withdrawal of the discount privilege given to Tony are bringing their competition to a boil.

What makes Tony an icon in the field of entrepreneurship? It is his fighting spirit. He has more than one way to fight.

The Underdog - Live to Fight, Fight to Live
Tony Fernandes has been whining very hard. The underdog whines and complains. AirAsia is playing their role. Who cares about the whining as long as one wins! He is winning through whining!

The top three in Tony charts?

1) The latest hit is for MAS to, “...not to take toys from its (AirAsia) playground.

2) All time favorite. "Level Playing Field."

3) Others. "We should be competing with other other airlines not each other." "MAS uses government subsidy...."

The Pitbull
He fought the Singapore government. He fought the GLC. He is fighting the MAS staff union. He is combative. He fights for cheaper airport fees. He wanted better facilities. He takes as much as he receives. He was attacked by politicians and in Parliament.

But he kept bouncing and fighting back.

The Top Dog
His commitment is tremendous in growing the company. Look at the routes expansion. The 100+ fuel-efficient Airbus 32o planes he bought. Planes are taking off and landing mostly on schedule. That's why they are confident in offering compensation for flight delays. Delays of 3 hours or more would be few. There is no risk. It is a great PR job.

His exploits in taking an empty shell and money losing company and turned it into a multi-billion entity is legend in the making.

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