Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rear Seat Belts

Come June '08 all cars registered after January 1995 are required to have rear seat belts. I am sure the intention is for all passengers to buckle up in a moving car. At the moment, 90% of the cars on the road in Malaysia are equipped with rear seat belts.

I have taken many guests from the west and advanced Asian countries. They will automatically buckle up. It is a sad state of affairs in Malaysia where there was not much education in this area. With education, legislation can be introduced and subsequently enforcement. Passengers are given 2 months to complied. So far Kenari and Kancil car owners have 3 years to fit them. As for cars registered before January 1995 the grace period to fit the cars was not revealed. The Road Transport Department says this move can saved up to 350 road deaths in Malaysia. I will venture to say many thousands will be saved from serious injury.

This will be good for those who want to buckle up esp. when using taxis. When using LCCT in my travels I will have to take one of the Iswara taxis to get home. These taxis have rear seat belts :-) but no buckle :-( One cannot buckle up. I am not sure if these were removed. Most time I have to move up to the front passenger seat incurring a strange and disapproving look from the driver. Mind you all Iswara taxis are required to have a 1.5 litre engine. They are fast on the highway and I do not want to be caught in an accident without a seat belt in that car.

There is still 2 more days to June. Will there be another postponement?

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