Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ming Kee Bak Kut Teh - Old Town P. J.

I come to Ming Kee not for the bak kut teh but for its braised mushroom. Honestly, its the best. This place used to be my old hunting ground and I have been there numerous times. But too bad not the last 4 years ago. I love its earthy, natural and herbal taste. It is infused with 2 principal Chinese herbs. Transliterating from Cantonese, it is called 'sang tei' and 'mat tung'.

The thought of good braised mushrooms in Chinese herbs will always bring me back here. Alas, I was traveling too much the last 4 years. I learned from a chef that mushrooms need pre-cooking preparation. It has to be boiled in water for a while. This remove the stale and dry smell. It will be expanded to the right size. The mushroom looks taut and the texture appetizing. Oil must be added while boiling so that the mushroom will come out with an attractive sheen. The oil will make it feel smooth in the mouth. Do you remember the 'pan meen' noodles? The mushrooms are prepared the same way always taste good.

However, the mushrooms has lost its sheen (literally) two nights ago. It is flat and the herbs were indiscernible. It was a disappointing night. I am not too sure what happen!

There is another more famous bak kut teh around the corner called Heng Kee with this similar dish. I ate there on many occasions. The bak kut teh is good but not the mushrooms. However, it may be even steven if Ming Kee don't buck up.

Directions to Ming Kee: Turn into Jalan Othman. At traffic junction turn left into Jln Pasar (1/21). Find parking. The store is facing Public Bank.

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