Friday, May 30, 2008

Parfum - Mitsouko

One of my favorite past-time and discipline while traveling is to get a bottle of parfum or some
dress accessories for my wife. It is small and occupy very little luggage space. So while I was going into Mongolia via Incheon Airport in Seoul, I just couldn't resist doing a spot of browsing and shopping at the world's No: 2 airport in the world. My layover at Incheon is about 10 - 14 hours each leg of the journey. Plenty of time. You may be asking why not another route. Yes, there is another by Air China but I will write on it at another time.
My wife's Mitsouko
While reading the Time magazine on the plane, I spotted an article from Karen Dubin and Karen Adams who have led 500,000 fragrance lovers in exploring the impact of perfume on themselves. Dubin, who owns too many scents to count highlights the six she can't live without: Mitsouko, Bois De Paradis, Ambre Sultan, New Haarlem, Poivre Piquant and Aimez-Moi. I took a shot of the article using my trusty Nokia E90, 3.2 MP camera.The article will go on record!! for my next reference / use.

I went checking on my return journey in Incheon. Guess what, these parfum are collectibles and not easy to find. I show all the names to different salesladies and fortunately or unfortunately only Mitsouko was found. The price tag: USD100 and the volume: 7.5ml / 0.25fl. oz. Just a spoonful!

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