Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hook, Book, Look, Took

The performing artist must be able to hold the audience. But the one-man-show that can get the audience to eat from his/her hands is a rare breed. It is even more difficult if he has to sell his wares.

In the old days a Chinese gentleman is supposed to be a man of the letters and martial arts. Master Ho has his name in the Malaysia Book of Records. He pierces coconut with his index finger. He smashes it with his elbow.
It is indeed amazing that he can hold the crowd for over an hour keeping them interested and on their toes (literally) and managed to sell his medicated oil to the spectators not once but three times. He got more that 60 bottles sold at RM10 a bottle. The crowd swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Not bad for a nights’ work.
I learned many years ago of this phrase, “Hook, Book, Look, Took.” You bait them (hook), lead them to your pitch (book), persuade them to consider (took) and finally closed the deal (took).
How to keep the crowd glued to you?
1) Anticipated powerful and explosive finale.
2) Well choreographed routine
2) Humour
3) Crowd participation.
4) Dramatic music.
5) And of course oratorical skills
How to sell the wares?
1) Demonstrates efficacy on self.
2) Point out loyal customers coming back to buy more.
Photo: Master Ho Performing in Jonkers Street, Malacca

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