Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nike Free 5.0 - Genting Highlands

Nike Free 5.0
My old pair of Nike sneakers was thrown away a couple of months ago. It was a colorful pair and luminous at night. It was bought it in Macau 3 years ago. The soles decided to split company with the body! I suspect it was caused by my putting it into the washing machine for washing at least half a dozen times. So I have been hunting for a pair but never seem to find one I like. I realized that the success rate is highest when I am unhurried and on holidays. So last weekend, I made a connection with this pair when I have a quick getaway with my family at Genting’s First World Plaza.
Buying a pair of shoes is not just a fashion statement. It is all about comfort and the protection. Put a Nike on and one can literally walk and stand for hours without feeling strained around the hip and back. It has to be of the right color combination. The width especially the front half must not have a too tight a grip on the feet. Then the weight factor! It should be as light as a feather. Seemingly Nike Free 5.0 is a lightweight, highly flexible shoe to simulate the effects of barefoot running. And finally, the choice of the function/s: running, training or gym shoes. Due to lifestyle changes I preferred one that allow me to walk, hike and cycle. Just do it!

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