Sunday, February 18, 2018

Peng Hwa Restaurant (Porridge) - Old Klang Road

My wife and I left for Peng Hwa at 1030 pm. It was a short drive from Ara Damansara. Won't say the same during the day. We used to come down to Old Klang Road some 25 years ago for Choy Choy BKT which is (was?) near to the river going away from KL side of the road. The last I have eaten there was like 10 years ago.

Back to Peng Hwa, a simple shop, with its array of ready dishes laid out like a Chap Fan shop. Some of the dishes will be heated or fried up for the customers, a service appreciated by many.

Like curious tourists and famished souls we over ordered the dishes. The taste were above average and the range was not bad. However, it could have been better on both counts. Anyway business was steady.

We went first for the braised large intestines. A favourite of those gunning for a porridge meal. Then the Dace fish with black beans, another popular first choices. I found the food tasted good and the components of good quality. There were no cutting corners.

Go for it to fill the stomach or for nostalgic sake. Late night denizens will find them a faithful companion. Some say it closed at 3am whike others as late as 5am.

No 19A, Jalan Klang Lama

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