Saturday, February 24, 2018

Garden Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Penchala

Garden Seafood is located at the industrial hub of Old PJ. Don't expect fine dining-like facilities. It's the typical ''tai chow'. Food is good so what's the problem. Patronised by regulars in the factories and old housing around,it is certainly crowded at the peak hours we were there.

Going by the typical, expect big portions, cheaper price and a bit heavier on the salt. We got our 'typical' Chinesey lunch for 10pax. Chicken, Tofu, Curry Fish Head, 4 Heavenly King and Bitter Gourd Pork Ribs. Going by the average age of 55 for the 10 pax, the choices were not usrprising.

My 2 grouses were the Fish Head has a small head! More vegetables than fish head. The Tofu were not executed well. Taste was not there. But overall with 10 oldies, sometimes other matters took precedent.

Garden Seafood Restaurant
33, Jalan Penchala, PJ

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