Thursday, February 15, 2018

Homecook - Chinese New Year Dish - Pork belly, Arrowhead root in red bean paste

At a whim and a fancy, I picked up some Arrowhead root vege (Nga Ku) that is available around the Lunar New Year season. My mother used to buy it and dished it out with pork and soy sauce. It is an acquired taste as it has a strong slightly pungent smell and taste.

I picked up 5 big ones to cook it with 500gm of pork belly.

The rest of the ingredients:
1) A piece of red bean paste and a tablespoon full of the liquid
2) 1 teaspoon of black soy sauce
3) 10 gram of rock sugar
4) ⅛ cup of Shao Xing wine
5) Some oil

Peel the skin off the arrowhead root and halve it. Cut the bellypork into 1 inch thick chunks. Blanched the pork in boiling water for a few minutes till the surfaces is white.

Heat oil and put in the rock sugar. Be careful to get fire to medium heat or it may burned these ingredients. While its sugar is melting add the red bean paste and stir till it crumble.

Time to add the pork and arrowhead root. Stir till the meat and vegetables is coated with the paste. Pour in the wine. Add 2 cups of water, cover with lid and allow it to cook. Add more water if needed. In a low heat cook till meat is fork tender.

I enjoyed tucking in as the meat was so tender and as usual took some time to reacquaint with the Nga Ku. Tasty and with slightly sweet and savoury notes.

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