Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thai Nyonya Restaurant, Ara Damansara

We heard about this place packing in the crowd for lunch. It is in a locality not exactly known for its food. We went there twice and it had been good. We also knew what to avoid.

Found my Tom Yam Nam Sai (Clear Soup Tom Yam). This hard to find dish was sour, spicy, packed with a big aromatic punch. My senses were tingling and heightened. It was really tasty. Exactly like what I used to get from my friend's kitchen in Chiangmai.

The Omelette with Prawns tasted as it should with fresh prawns leading to a simple yet elegant dish. The fragrance trapped inside this simple platter of the humble eggs stoked my appetite even more.

The blood cockles were fresh and lovely. So was the dip. If you have a stomach for 'blood' and bold go for it. Just ignore the fear factor associated with this food. A small complain - where are all the bigger cockles? Sold overseas for a better price?

What about the otak otak omelette? And the glass noddles? I had better ones in Thailand. The seabass was OK. The pandan chicken was overcooked. The sides were burned and hard.

A big plus factor here is the reasonable price. Oh, by the way, this place is staffed with Thai speakers.

L27, Block L, Taipan 2 Damansara, Jalan PJU 1A/1, Ara Damansara

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