Saturday, October 21, 2017

Kong Mah Dim Sum, Sungai Buloh

Another eat at Sungai Buloh. Many have been making a beeline here after the MRT started servicing this area. People from Kajang especially pensioners living along this line can take a leisurely journey for a simple New Village gastronomic experience. After arriving at Kampung Selamat Station they can take the feeder bus to many if the eateries around.

Kong Mah is the local Dim Sum joint. There is a parking lot nearby so no worries about parking if you are going by car. The exploration is still ongoing after moving to Ara Damansara about a year ago. I would say that the Sg Buloh residents have it good and I wonder with the influx of outsiders whether the local prices can hold up.

The Dim Sum here is good enough. Don't expect it to be 5-star hotel standard. You won't get prawns as big as your thumb for your Har Kau and fish paste that tiltilate your palate. But then it will fill your stomach and not empty your wallet.

Go there with an open mind. A few doors away you can also go for the Nasi Ayam Sungai Buloh which I will post soon and update here with a link. One of the better ones. I have my fill and will go back there again and again.

28, Jalan Public, Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh

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