Thursday, October 12, 2017

Jarrod and Rawlins, Bukit Damansara

We have been visiting Damansara Heights or Bukit Damansara for quite a while esp Jarrod and Rawlins. My son loved this place. This location is oozing with money power. The houses around attest to this. It's a lovely and quaint place. There is a feel of tranquility to it with its many mature trees and also old and new joints giving it a sense of stability but not old. Go there with a spring g on your feet and enjoy some good vibes and food.

With the write up on the "10 world's Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit" in Lonely Planet and The Star picking it up this place will be buzzing and will it give Bangsar a run for its money? 

My 4 trips there were basically in the afternoon for lunch. Check out what happened after 5pm with its many watering holes there. Will the professionals go there for a pint and talk work or just while their time and stress of the day away?

The pork there was good, lardy and smoky. This is what we go for most of the time. It's well marinated, done with love and extremely tasty. The palate was very happy. The sandwich was rather food and completely fulfilled the above criteria for pork!

Address: 36, Medan Setia 2,Bukit Damansara

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