Friday, October 27, 2017

1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice, Jalan Gasing

My comfort food without a doubt will be this. Hailing from Ipoh, we will have the poached chicken or white chicken during festivals. And mom will buy the freshly slaughtered chicken from the market. Or sometimes if dad has a good bonus she will buy either the more expensive kampung chicken or the caponissd rooster.

I have eaten in here so many times that when I am near to Jalan Gasing the yearning for Ipoh Chicken Rice or Noodles will be very strong.

The chicken here is tasty, has good texture. I usually will go for kampung chicken and sometimes an organic one with the price scaling higher as it goes a notch higher. The best will be the hor fun noodles. It's thin and slurpy with a good soup bass.

And the other will be the bean sprouts. It's blanched very quickly and then served piping hot with a few dashes of white pepper. I used to remember that an Ipoh outstation taxi will drop off a big bag of bean sprouts every morning outside their sliding door every morning.

Now with 2 shop lots and and many more quick pre-cooked dishes on the menu plus the roast chicken, pork and BBQ pork, the hungry folks will be spoilt for choice.

107, Jalan Gasing

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