Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tangkak Beef Soup Noodles - Jln Imbi

What has 9/11 to do with Tangkak Beef Soup Noodles? They have chosen this date to relocated to Jalan Mahkota in Taman Maluri. No more in Jalan Imbi. It will be a gain to the folks there. Beef noodles are not easy to come by and I like the beef here as they use only local cows! It is as fresh as it can gets.

I am not sure why I am obsess with beef noodles. Maybe too many trips to Vietnam and eating the very best of beef noodles everyday, and mind you most of them are very good! Or maybe, there are not too many shops here in KL.

Tangkak has expansive menu, generous portions (ok, just pay for it), eat till satiated kind of feeling are hard to experience for foodie who like beef noodles but just find it too spaced out for comfort. But then they still take the opportunity when nearby doing and running essential chores and errands.

Each visit to CK Music will be accompanied by food along the same row of shops. Tangkak Beef is 2 doors away and opposite Overseas Restaurant while Sakura Nasi Lemak just about a 100m walk up! Well after 9/11 it will be just Sakura and another familiar face missing from my menu as I don't get there often. But then Sakura is still a great eat!

Murky, thick soup will lots of ingredients. Simple ground red chili with some vinegar for tart. Great dipping sauce for all things beef. Tenderloin is one of the best cut and the meat lived up to my expectations. Cooked to medium (probably they just placed the meat in on the hot bowl) it should be a great meat to have but alas there was some remnant of silvery skin/membrane that reduced that enjoyment.
Another satisfying meal. Beef pieces was well cooked but breaks easily in the mouth. Beef noodles as it should be.
Another great dish. Should have ordered more. Beefy. solid and fresh!


missyblurkit said...

quite sad that they're moving. otherwise its so easy for me to swing by for lunch or dinenr from my office.

love the soup here. and a lil bit of vinegar makes it absolutely yummeh!

CUMI & CIKI said...

Oh really?! Had no idea they were moving to Taman Maluri.. sob boo hoo:(