Monday, August 1, 2011

Brussels Beer Cafe - Solaris Mont Kiara

We came, we saw and we carnivoured. A heavy meaty lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon is quite unthinkable. But then the company was good. We talked about bees and honey, law and courts, jokes and horses (horsing around) in no particular order.

Brussels, I was told is owned by the EuroDeli. Now that's an important connection, supply-wise. The place is spacious and in good company. Weekends will see the horde coming for their urbanise pre-disposition for the protein-fix in large quantities. Good thing this place has a free supply of greens, really fresh. Even their corns-off-the cob were looking succulent and it is crunchy to bite. What more can one ask for? Four branches. Check out their website

This was a big portion of Roast Knuckle. There is a half order for smaller eaters or those who could not marshal enough people. Wonder how their split the bone? The rind was crackly, salted and baked to almost 100% dry. No oil was used. The meat was tender obviously this dish is not pre-cooked/half-cooked. There is no tough side or exterior. The flavouring is more continental than local and we have a gravy boat to dip the pieces into. Lovely!
The bone was standing to attention and was later 'ta pau' for one "lucky?" Golden Retriever.
Porky Burger. A thick slab of minced meat and a few slices of bacon.

Pork Chops was a bit dry. Not recommended and meat has a texture that was rough and slightly tough.
Pork Stew and Rice.
Roast Pork with mustard and mayonnaise!
Free flow....
Address: 2, Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara
Tel: 03 62052999
Mob: 012 3548663

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CUMI & CIKI said...

pork knuckle is a read fad now.. can't say I mind! Have you tried Tom, Dick and Harry's (OKR)?