Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Salad Bar - Damansara Utama

I am no fan of vegetarian diet. It is at times an expensive diet too. But I do eat a good portion of it given half the chance at every meal. In my travels to different Asian countries and visiting their market in the course of my work, I used to wonder where is the best place for a vegetarian to live if price consideration tops the list. A few years ago a vegetarian approached me bearing this question after hearing a story I related.

How would you like to buy a huge cauliflower for RM0.30 or a big bag of jicama for RM10.00. Unheard of. Forget about Melbourne being number one as the most livable city in the world. The vegetarian want to park themselves at a town where the price of vegetables are in abundance, cheap and diverse.

Simply Salad may be establishing themselves as a great place to have salad for meal and inexpensive at that. RM11.90 for a big or RM6.90 for a small portion. I find the portions as big with generous add-ons. The Spicy Chicken can be a main meal if plenty of spicy white chicken fillet strips. The sunflower seeds were sprinkled liberally on top. Lettuce was plentiful and I wish for more variety and colour. But then the more colourful and variety the price would have gone up.
The sauce was strong with tons of balsamic vinegar. A good set-up with the spicy chicken. The salad equivalent to the assam laksa noodles. My favourite salad. One thing I notice is that their salads are devoid of cheese. So far.... I will check if there is one with cheese esp. the Greek Salad with its compulsory feta cheese.
Ramadhan Salad. I could not identified the seeds of cereals toppings for this particular salad. Anyone can help. It was sold by theme.
The sauce was more like a satay peanut sauce with no tart. It was bland as I thought they are afraid to sweeten it. With a weak sauce this salad fell flat.
This sausage sandwiches brought some taste to our palate. With thick slabs of bread the fillings must be strong in taste. Not just the obligatory onion bits, mustard and tomato sauce. The meat has to be savoury enough to tilt the bland and neutral vegetables and bread. It passed the test. I have problem with cold cuts that is almost bland.

The chicken sandwich did not fare as well as it was lacking in taste. But then who say everybody has to agree to my views. I like the ingredients and its freshness.

41, Jalan SS 21/60, Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 77221742