Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ricetaurant - Bangsar Village 2

Old favourites floated around its dining space. I mean really old. My octogenarian father would be singing these during his younger days. The high-pitched songs favoured by singers of yesteryear is a bit painful to my years. I drifted in and out of irritability. Mercifully I was saved by great companionship and later, great food.

With its grey walls, dark coloured partitions and mostly exposed ceiling, its intention was to bring the customer back to time 'immemorial'. Then furnished with wooden tables and chrome metal chairs that were obviously from the same era (why metal?), it is obvious their regime was that spartanism and utilitarianism.

I felt cold, exposed, stripped of my security and in desperate need for some comfort food. Before being sued I have to say that I am exaggerating somewhat on my physical deprivation - on second thoughts I kind of like some of these 'beautiful' tortures before being fed great food. Ricetaurant food menu was simple and was adorned with dishes of the side alleys' stalls and that of our mother's or for some, grandmother's kitchen fueled using rubber wood.
The 'torture chamber'.
Warming preserved vegetables (ham choy) soup with tofu cubes and tomatoes bits. I want my mama! Delicious beyond description. Salty, sourish and sweet. Highly recommended.
  Lemongrass chicken. A bit sophisticated for the New Village kitchen. Probably cooked by the amahs in mansions and villas. The infusion of the lemon grass was pleasant and calming. Chicken pieces were tender and well marinated.
 The white rice was of good quality. "White rice" sounds oxymoronic here as 'white' brings death while rice gives life. The curry chicken was superb. Compliments to the food designer. Spices were well balanced and not a hint of any of the spice overpowering others.
 And finally the piece de resistance. Cabbage with dace and black beans. I wanted to eat and eat and eat. Something about this dish being gloriously simple, the bland cabbage made beautiful, my palate and my emotions was titillated to the hilt.
 Then we closed the meal with a simple and unremarkable green pea desserts. Did I use 'simple'? Perhaps the simplicity brings the best out of the overstimulated urbanites, tongues heavy-laden with newly acquired flavours, that a dose of yesteryear simplicity refreshes their soul and the tongue.
2F-29, Bangsar Village 2, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 22871566


Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Rebecca Saw said...

Oohhh I can't agree enough of how wonderful & satisfying such simple meals are!

babe_kl said...

we have noodles next door but ordered a plate of 4 heavnely king and was suprised that it was good and full of wok hei. will head here again to check out other items

J2Kfm said...

Wow, that's as basic as a home-cooked meal can get. Nice name too.