Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sang Har Porridge @ Lit Heong Revisit - Bukit Sri Bintang, Kepong

We ate from the shop on the left June 2009. Lit Heong is a double shoplot act but interestingly the 2 shops are separated by an alley. This time we moved right. Right move? The one on the right featured porridge ala Pan Heong but with a twist. Fancy having "Sang Har Chook (Large Fresh Water Prawns Porridge)". It did not come cheap. Porridge for 2 with 2 large prawns was pushing RM50 per claypot. The eggs from the prawns were plentiful and flowed into the porridge. A good stir will spread out its orangey rich flavour eggs throughout the pot. We got a slight hue of red forming in the porridge.
Fish Fillet and Century Eggs Porridge. I rated the porridge with a 8/10. Well prepared and with the rice grains nicely broken up into a consistent and thick gruel. It has a nice texture as good porridge should.
Baby Octopuses deep-fried with a thick sugary marinate it came up crisp and its surface caramelised.
The "Char Yoke (Deep-fried Sliced Pork with Red Fermented Bean Curd)" was a bit too salty and tough and lack an ingredient or two.

Another night another day, it was good business over the weekend. I hope it will be here to stay. It is a few shops away from Foong Yit and Teow Chow. Refer to this map for direction.


foodbin said...

the sang har porridge must be sweet and fragrant.

hApPy HaPpY said...

I quite like the food there ... the mini deep fried Paul's octopus seems to be the signature dish in this place.

thenomadGourmand said...

Unkaleong wil luvv tis plc! cos of the sang har porridge ;)
I wil leap straight fr the baby ocs!