Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nowzone - Mall Food @ Saigon, Vietnam

If one is not tired of changes and new developments: go to Vietnam. I caught many a defining moments for this nation grappling with a devastating war and division (though ended 35 years ago), USA colonizing them anew with Coca-Cola and Hollywood and a waning communist political system (probably the last 3 in the world).

Nowzone is spankingly fresh and new. It will fit right into any Central Commercial District of any developed country. More importantly they have a equally impressive Food Court. I will venture to say it is better design than the one in Suria KLCC. Check it out.

Bun Bo Hue. Round thin rice noodles cooked in the style of the central province of Hue. It can be quite spicy. Lots of beef and pork (trotters). The distinguishing smell and taste is that of lemongrass. It is packed with it.
The accompanying vegetables and herbs for the noodles.
Claypot Rice. Lots of fish sauce and black pepper. Malaysians will find Vietnamese food agreeable to their palate.
Beef and Egg Rice in a mini-wok.
Seafood Rice.

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Celia said...

Hi, do you mind if i take the picture of the beef with rice for a school project??? Cos we dont have it here... Thank you SO MUCH~!