Monday, July 5, 2010

126 Restaurant Revisit - Bukit Tinggi

The tilapia done in 2 styles. Steamed on side and serve with lovely piquant and spicy sauce. The other was pan-fried.

Like a love affair a small excuse is enough to rendezvous. If a raging one, engineered that excuse. This was my 3rd trip in 2 1/2 months. Bukit Tinggi reminds me somewhat of hill stations I visited in tropical countries. Though not 100% but then it is easily accessible. The rustic rural setting, rollicking hills, good food, nice weather and some outdoor shopping. 
Restoran 126 (previous visit) is a happy place. Ah Poh the affable and PR-savvy owner will take care of us. The food are mostly above average and we have yet sample all his food. Go there relax and you will enjoy the airy restaurant with a nice built-up pond and fountain. It seems that Ah Poh intends to make this his lair as he goes about beautifying the huge compound. Bring a camera along. The shop is before the BT town and about 100m after the U-turn from highway.

The lovely sauce. More like the ones used to accompany the Malay Ulam (salad).
Poached chicken with Sambal sauce.
Sambal sauce
Sotong/Calamari in sweet, sour and spicy sauce.
Hakka Tau Pok with fish paste fillings.

4 Heavenly King. Could have done better.
Watercress and again could have done better.


Life for Beginners said...

That sambal looks wicked! Must taste great with the poached chicken. :)

Big Boys Oven said...

oh truly agree with LFB, this is really wicked, all the dishes looked really delicious, definitely must try on the way to the durian farm end of this month! hehehehe... wicked right!

Anonymous said...

great post. i will be back to read some more.