Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pho Bo @ Where the Locals Eat - Saigon, Vietnam

For the southerners they have indeed lived in a land of abundance. Blessed with arable and fertile land, none recalled times of lack barring the war years. There is always food on the table. In fact this land of  the bountiful borne out a generous people.

In the midst of the plentiful it is nonsensical to eat expensive. The locals certainly eat well and cheap. And for the foreigners who disregard local wisdom and knowledge they may not know what they are missing until they compare the taste, portion and price between local and touristy fares. I told my friends to take me to the local favourite breakfast tables for my Pho Bo (Beef Noodles).
The broth, the broth and the broth!

This is Bun, a small thin and round rice noodles. Pho is typically flat and is about 3/4cm wide. Thinner than that, flat noodles are called Hu Thieu.
This bowl of noodles may not has being photographed in all its glory. But then check out the accompanying side-kicks that make this noodles so famous in Vietnam but so hard to duplicate outside.
Basil, mint and 2 others herbs that I couldn't identify. You can ask for more if you want. Just by having these will fill up your quota of greens for the day!
Scallions which we requested and was promptly served to us free. I am waiting for a day where we will have to pay for it. May it never come!
Juicy limes and light yellow and red chilis.
Bean Sprouts which is not uncommon to us. Probably overused and eaten by Malaysians as part of a bowl of noodles.
Fish Sauce and Sliced Garlic.
Thick Soy Sauce.
Chili Sauce.
I ordered a Pho Dac Biet ('Dac Biet' means 'special' and close enough to the Chinese word for 'special'). Actually alot of Vietnamese technical words came from the Chinese through a thousand years of domination. Back to the noodles. It cost me D30,000 which is equivalent to USD1.50 (RM5.00). At the touristy areas the price for this bowl will be almost double. It was packed with medium rare beef, cooked beef, tendons, beef balls and a wonderful broth.
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Little Inbox said...

Lime and fish sauce is a must to this noodle, huh?

babe_kl said...

the beef looks super fresh here!

BTW, August is round the corner, it’s time for the next instalment of the virtual Merdeka Open House. I’m looking for suggestions for this year’s theme, hope you could contribute some but do remember to participate and join in the fun!