Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fu Lai Dim Sum - Bandar Sri Menjalara

The sudden cravings for these dainty offerings may strike at any time. Even at night. Some purists may have a hang-up. Essentially Dim Sum is a breakfast food. Who cares when the hungry pangs call? The steaming morsels, the tea and the speed of the delivery (mostly) by trays or mobile carts. It was late and the crowd was thinning. We thought! As we were finishing customers were streaming in. Check out the area at night as it is packed with all kinds of restaurants. Neon lights and brightly lit signboards literally make this place festive.

Compulsory Har Kau - The skin broke in the mouth not while picking it up. The prawns were fresh. The smell was familiar from time immemorial. What more can I ask for?

Must order, Siew Mai - Looks intimidating and grotesques. The meat seems to be bulging and bubbling out. Yummy. Another familiar taste like what I had in good Dim Sum restaurant.

Innovation went overboard? - Salted Egg Mai. Taste unfamiliar but with the recent proliferation of salted eggs used in dishes, this is just another dish!?

Traditional Yee Mai. Looks like a fish stick. Did I use traditional. Yes, it was. Really good texture denoted quality ingredients used.

Fish Balls. Another favourite.

Chee Cheong Fun. Was thick and the sauces were not up to mark.

Why is there a cold dish hanging around on my table? Wrong choice. Tepid at best. Century eggs had no kick while ginger were not spicy and tart.

Jiaozi or Japanese name Gyoza. By now I was full especially with multiple orders of Har Kau and Siew Mai.

Without much pan-fried and deep-fried items being ordered we tried the Paper Wrap Chicken. It was tender and the skin was not stuck to the paper. Really needs skill here. Well marinated and strong.
Restoran Fu Lai
No 47 & 49, Jalan 3/62A,
Bandar Sri Menjalara,


J2Kfm said...

Seriously, I don't take to dim sum in the other states as much as I prefer Ipoh's. Maybe grew up with the same old familiar taste?
Btw, is it Fu Lai, or FuL Lai?

Anonymous said...

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