Monday, June 28, 2010

Kanna Curry House - Bandar Sri Menjalara, Kepong

From the distance it stood out in a quiet part of Menjalara. De Foodland aka Crabs Centre was on the other end of the row of shops. Kanna was not on my radar until the call for Banana Leaf rice came. An old player obviously and the only one in its genre for many miles radius. They have lots of tables outdoors and on the first floor. So unlike De Foodland finding a seat is a breeze. Seated and ready the underworked waiters came quickly and just as the formalities were almost transacted the banana leaves came. Seamless service.

There was a lacked of variety of vegetables. I asked for bitter gourd and  there was none. No ikan bilis just three and all three were unceremoniously dished on the leaves. Then came the poppadam. It was not cracking anymore obviously due to the waiters not storing them well. But then I was busy with anticipation for the 'mains' to arrive.

The curries another three types. Triad? I preferred those that come with the mains and being small carbo consumers there was no need for these.
Old-style Chicken Curry. Lots of spices,oil and gravy. Contentment was clearly spelt out on our faces. Good chicken, tender, nicely cooked.
Prawns Curry was with a strong tomato base without the overpowering spices. Again fresh and packed with ingredients. Not too sweet and slightly tart. The prawns were firm but over-cooked rendering it slightly leathery. But still a delightful dish taking in consideration the tasty gravy base.

My favourite mutton was tender with lots of spices especially of the jintan varieties. These will overpower the gamey smell. But alas it was too salty.

The test of a good Indian restaurant is to try out their deep-fried fishes. Its their ability and diligence in sourcing fresh seafood that will separate them from the competitors. The tenggiri block was superb. There were 7-8 types of fishes. But by then we were filled.

Rasam. Not sour enough and too much oil was floating on top.
Fruit Lassi. Not thick enough for me. At RM4.50 it was expensive. Go for a teh tarik.
Address: Jalan 3/62B, Bandar Sri Menjalara


PureGlutton said...

I love their Claypot Lamb Curry in their Jalan 223 outlet.

minchow said...

But but but... no bitter gourd?! For me the proof in the BLR is as much in the sides as it is in the mains! Blog's looking pretty slick btw! :-)

worldwindows said...

Claypot mutton? That is really Chindia fusion.

worldwindows said...

Minchow... Like Korean food without 'Banchan'? Grudgingly agrees. Taking advantage of new features from Blogger.

babe_kl said...

Wahh they expanded upstairs!!! Have you tried their branch nearer to main road? Is it better than this outlet?